These protocols are established to protect you and others whilst using “Google Team & Google Classroom”. At any point during a meeting a member of staff in the meeting has the right to remove you from the group if these protocols are not adhered to.

• No recording or copying of images in the “Google Meet & Google Classroom”.
• It is not permitted to record the Face-to-Face seminars or take any screen shots of what is taking place.
• Dialogue in the “Google Meet & Google Classroom” Meeting, both verbal and typed, must be professional at all times
• It is important that “Google Meet & Google Classroom” Face-to-Face meetings are delivered in a formal manner as would be in a lesson in MTO Persian School. If contributing to the discussion via the chat feature please use appropriate formal language.
• This is the same for addressing teachers and feedback verbally. Please ensure that you are invited to speak, if you are participating.
• All behaviour in the “Google Meet & Google Classroom” meetings should meet the MTO Persian School Code of Conduct and our own high expectations. Poor behaviour will be recorded and may lead to students not being allowed to attend further meetings.
• Arrive at your Face-to-Face Sessions on time.
• Face-to-Face sessions will be set up to start at a specific time. It is expected that students attend at this time. Students who attempt to join sessions after 20 minutes of the start of the lesson may not be accepted.
• If you have justified reasons (appointments, technical issues) for being late to a session please email your teacher directly prior to the session or during. Please also include school office by sending a message to school’s mobile and follow the normal attendance procedure.
• Follow the guidance and instruction of your teachers at all times.
• Face-to-Face sessions will follow a clear structure which is expected with a script at the start and the end. Please ensure that you follow this guidance and any further instructions given for the lesson by your teachers.



• Set up your device in a suitable environment free of distractions and other noise. Make your Parent/carer aware that you are attending an online class and keep doors open in rooms.
• Ensure your background image is appropriate. Remember you are attending a formal meeting. If inappropriate images or distracting images are used you will be removed from the group.

Joining a Meeting

• Do not join the Team until the time stated in your email. Do not join a meeting unless you have been invited.
• When you join a team a teacher present will call your name. Respond with a polite greeting. This will register your attendance.

Video / Microphone

• Show your video camera and leave your microphone on when joining the meeting.
• Members of staff leading the meeting may choose to mute you to allow for appropriate delivery.


• When you are joining a meeting you will be welcomed. Join the meeting on mute if you have video turned on. When greeted unmute and respond. It is good practice to remain muted during the meeting and unmute when contributing.
• Staff may mute participants at specific times. You may choose to mute yourself if appropriate.
• Questions should be typed in the conversation window, unless teachers have asked you to raise your hand.
• All dialogue in the conversation window should be about the session taking place. Dialogue in these Google Team & Classroom should not extend outside of the lesson.
• If you have any non-subject specific concerns or questions please email the school office.

Student’s Code of Behaviour

Respecting ourselves

• We all have the right to be respected.

Respecting others

• We are polite to each other.
• We respect each other’s differences.
• We recognise that everyone has the right to be heard.
• We respect that others are here to learn.
• We look out for each other by reporting any concerns to a staff member.


• We respond when we are asked to do something.
• We do not use bad language at any time.
• We will turn our mobile phones off or put them ‘on silent’ during lessons.

We will not accept any of the following (can also be listed as DON’Ts):

• Persistent refusal to accept school rules/discipline
• Verbal abuse to staff/pupils
• bullying (pick on or make fun of each other, yell or shout at others, use equipment to cyberbully – for example to using mobile phone to send inappropriate messages, taking and sharing photos without permission, sending inappropriate emails)

Breach of this Code of Behaviour

This Code of Behaviour is only useful if it forms part of a process for guiding children and young people to receive appropriate support. It is the responsibility of the school’s Deputy Head Mrs Leila Mobayen, to ensure that all students attending Online MTO Persian School are informed about the school’s Code of Behaviour and that they have read, understood and agreed to adhere to the rules. All students must also be made aware of the consequences of breaching the rules. Dear Parents, please note, MTO Persian School’s policies are in accordance with England’s Department of Education laws and requirements, and you are entitled to have access to the school’s full policies on our website at:

By signing this form, I confirm read the MTO Persian School Online Learning Student Expectations and agree with the school’s aforementioned Code of Behaviour.

Student Expectations and Consent