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We are an international Farsi school dedicated to teaching the Farsi language and Persian culture since 1991. With 16 centers located throughout Europe, the US, and Canada – including Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Sacramento, Milwaukee, Vancouver, Toronto, London, Dusseldorf Barcelona, Rome, Aarhus, Copenhagen, Nice– we offer a wide range of learning opportunities. Whether you're interested in Farsi classes, Persian school programs, or Farsi courses, our experienced instructors provide comprehensive education. In addition to our in-person classes, we also offer Farsi lessons online worldwide

Years 1-6

Classes for young people from 6-16 years. Available both in-person and online.

Farsi for Teener and Adult Learners

Farsi for beginner bilinguals and non-Farsi speakers ages 14+. Available both in-person and online.


Classes aimed at achieving the highest grades for the U.K. General Certificate of Secondary Education qualification in Persian.

Online Courses

Farsi courses held remotely across the globe taught in either English or your local language.

Fostering both language and cultural awareness since 1991

As one of the largest international Persian institutions, our aim is to not only promote learning the Farsi language, but to also enliven the spirit of Persian and other Farsi-speaking countries’ cultures and customs.

Celebration of Culture

Our teaching of the Farsi language is continuously infused with cultural context including reading poetry, performing traditional music, regional dances and more. We showcase talent shows performed by our own students both in-person and online as well as competitions to celebrate all Farsi-speaking cultures, including Iranian, Tajik and Afghan.

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Read our Reviews

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