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Learn Persian (Farsi) at MTO® International Persian School, one of the largest international Persian language institutions throughout Europe, America, and Canada.

Our online classes are live and interactive using either the G-Suite platform by Google, WhatsApp, or Zoom. We also run in-person, classroom-based learning across various cities in Europe, The US, and Canada, in accordance with local Covid-19 rules.

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About us

With an array of experienced teachers across 14 schools across the globe, our school offers over 25 years of experience. Find out more.


We offer a wide range of courses for all ages and abilities, including bilingual and non-Persian speaking learners. Find out more.

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Register for online courses. Alternatively contact your local centre for further information about classes including in-person and bilingual classes in languages other than English.

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Please help us organise our classes efficiently by registering students by the end of July 2021. However late arrivals are always welcome to join the school at any time.

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