Enrolling to be a student of MTO International Persian School was one of the best decisions I made! Over the past two years I have grown in confidence with my reading, writing and comprehension of Farsi. Discussions about the culture, literature and history of Iran often end in us losing our sense of time while enriching our senses. Thank you so much to everyone for all their hard work! Can’t wait to re-enrol for my third year!

Sahar R


I am attending since almost 3 months the class in Persian 1. I am very happy to be part of the class. We have two great teachers for a group of 4 students. Once per week we have 3 school hours were the teachers challenge the participants to improve their skills in reading, writing, and speaking. The lessons are done in a structured, interesting and professional way. The teachers are patient and demonstrate their excellent pedagogic qualities in every lesson.

Rudi Diez


هر شنبه، پسرم با اشتیاق فراوان در کلاس‌های جذاب معلّمان مهربانش سرکار خانم حسینی و جناب آقای مرتضوی حاضر می‌شد و با علاقه‌مندی زبان فارسی را به خوبی آموزش می‌دید. با کمال تشکّر و آرزوی موفّقیت برای مدرسه MTO.
از مدیریت محترم و کادر مجرب مدرسه MTO کمال پاس را دارم که با وجود محدودیت‌های کوید، نسبت به آموزش زبان فارسی به فرزندانمان در اقصی نقاط دنیا اهتمام ورزیدند.

Niall & Sahar Styles

United Kingdom

پسرودختر ما دوسال است که در کلاس فارسی “اِم ت او” شرکت می کنند. در ابتدا هیچ تصوروتجربه ای از این کلاسها بخصوص بصورت آنلاین نداشتیم. رفته رفته علاقه فرزندانمان را به کلاس متوجه شدیم، همچنین پیشرفتشان در نوشتن و صحبت کردن را. امروز از انتخابمان بسیار خوشحالیم. کلاسهای ” اِم ت او” با معلمین بسیار بسیار مهربان وبا تجربه به کلاس روح می بخشند. از این انسانهای دلسوز و پراز عشق برای آموزش زبان فارسی به فرزندانمان بسیار سپاسگزاریم. کلاس بسیار حرفه ای فارسی ” اِم ت او” را به همه والدین توصیه می کنیم

Mitra Shiri


It’s the first time that I try to learn Persian and I decided to join the adult online Persian class. I’m very surprised that after just few weeks of lessons I can already start reading and saying some sentences. I had always thought that the initial barrier would become much harder to overcome and I’m excited to see that I’m able to keep progressing every week. I would highly recommend to take the online lessons for any adult who is wondering how to learn Persian. Thank you very much to MTO and to the teachers to make it possible!

Francisco Galian


My daughter studied at MTO Persian school for 5 years and my son for 2 years. The teachers are very kind, compassionate and hardworking. Other than teaching the Persian language, they also have additional music lessons. Of course, the online classes that were held in these two years went brilliantly and with all the difficulties and hardships that the teachers had, they were able to teach the students in the best way possible. We are waiting for the new academic year of MTO Persian school.

Nastaran Nooruzi

United Kingdom