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Note to parents

In order to ensure the maximum success of all students and the efficient running of the school, adherence to the following is required

  1. Enrolment takes place at the start of the academic year in September. However late arrivals are always welcome to join the school at any time.
  2. Two emergency contact telephone numbers must be provided to the school, at the time of the initial enrolment.
  3. Parents must inform the school of any food or medicine allergies or any medical conditions of their children which requires specific attention or treatment.
  4. Late arrivals are not permitted.
  5. The start and finishing times of the lessons must be observed and unauthorised absences or late arrivals are not permitted.
  6. Any absences must be reported to the school office with the reason.
  7. Homework must be signed by the parents each week.
  8. No unnecessary equipment or toys are permitted and will be confiscated.
  9. Mobile phones must be kept switched off in the classroom.
  10. Fees are payable in advance prior to the start of each term. In cases where the students do not wish to continue their course, the following rules apply to the refund of the fees:
    • Total fee is refundable within two weeks of enrolment.
    • Half of the fee is refundable one month following the enrolment.
    • No refund is given over one month of the enrolment.
  11. Students must be collected promptly at the end of their lessons. Late collections will incur five-pound charge per hour.
  12. Should the parents, at the end of the school day, be unable to pick up their children themselves, they are required to notify the school in advance and give the name of the person picking up their children in their place.
  13. Parents are required to attend all parent-teacher meetings which take place on the dates specified in the school calendar. Should they not be able to attend one, they are required to let the school know a week prior to the meeting.

We are very conscious of the need for effective security at our school. We have sought the advice and guidance of the Local Education Authority as to the various appropriate security procedures. In implementing these measures, a professional security man is on site during the school operation hours. Two members of staff are present in the playground during the lunch break. The Head Teacher is always present in the canteen area during the lunch break, and all the teachers are vigilant during school hours about the safety and security of the students.

First AID

Four of our staff are officially trained in First Aid and are always available for any care and attention in case of accidents.


If your child needs to take any prescribed medication during the school day, parents are required to come to school in person and sign a permission form available in the office. We cannot administer medication without this authorisation. Also the medication has to be labelled with the name of the child and kept in a sealed plastic bag before being given to the office. On the other hand, we strongly recommend that parents make use of the canteen facilities and administer the required medication to their child at the time it is needed.

Dismissal Clause

Any physical or verbal abuse is a serious matter and is subject to further investigation. Where the physical abuse becomes of aggressive nature and threatens the safety of other students then it becomes a matter of automatic dismissal of student(s) concerned.

This is the policy of MTO® Persian School. This policy is enforceable and excluded students can reapply to be readmitted to the school but ultimate decision is subject to the governors of the school.